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22 MARCH 2019


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Monday, 14 November 2011 18:45
Loyalty Magazine in print
Loyalty Magazine is back in print after seven years of being an online-only title. The reason for this 'retro' move is to support the launch of The Loyalty Awards and act as a carrier for The Call for Entries, The Shortlist and The Winners brochures.
The plan is to publish three printed Loyalty Magazines a year –  containing the Call for Entries (November), The Loyalty Awards shortlist (April) and The Loyalty Awards Winners (July). The fourth edition each year will be a Directory of Companies offering services to the Loyalty Industry. So if you have a product or service that should be mentioned, let us know.

In Issue 1 don’t miss the articles that focus on how to use social media and mobile to connect with customers; how to use data as an offering to consumers rather than something they have to give to the retailer, and how Tesco is once again at the Loyalty forefront. This time by helping commuters shop on their way home.

We ask Aimia and The Mileage Company why they have rebranded, and BrandLoyalty argues the case for Short Term Loyalty.

And to prove that nothing is impossible, we have a case study on how Loyalty Consulting UK has helped a bank in Greece use loyalty to build its payments business.

We hope you enjoy our ‘retro’ magazine and look forward to your comments. All Loyalty subscribers will be receiving a copy in the post shortly, so look out for it.
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