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22 MARCH 2019


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Friday, 27 April 2012 10:02
Empowered employees are the unsung heroes
In most companies, the unsung heroes are the employees.

Not the senior management, or the board, but the people who interact with customers, those who beaver away in the offices, and those who understand the effect technology is having on the lives of just about everyone under 60.

This means young people. Those fresh out of university for whom tweeting is second nature, who are not surprised by what smart phones can do, and who speak the jargon because they have grown up with it.

These ‘herooes' say Josh Bernoff, coauthor of Groundswell, and Ted Schadler of Forrester Research can energise your customers, transform your business and and build positive team spirit.

What comes next is fostering more ‘fan’ marketing, a process for which your employees are crucial, but which sits far more easily in the Loyalty department than that of straight sales marketing.

The only thing standing in the way of making the most of your young human  is that you, and the rest of the management, (and the board), need to trust them.

Empowered, published by Harvard Business Press (2010), available on Amazon from £6-£15.
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