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22 MARCH 2019


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Wednesday, 31 July 2013 09:20
Don’t go to work – buy a coffee
Last year Loyalty Magazine featured Chris Ward as a winner of the best CSR initiative linked to loyalty category in The Loyalty Awards 2012 with his company Blue Dot.

He achieved a spectacular catwalk sashay and consequently made it onto the front cover of the Winner’s edition and onto the home page of

This year Loyalty Magazine is reviewing his book “Out of Office’ – work where you like and achieve more – which encourages the reader to pick up their jacket and head for a coffee shop – not as an alternative to work, you understand, but because he believes you will work better there.

(The writer of this piece is actually lounging on a sunbed on a Turkish beach right now, and is very open to suggestions for alternative working practices. Is the quality of this book review not as good, if not better than if I had sat scrunched over a computer? It was necessary to take this course of action, in order to really ENGAGE with the concept of the book, you understand).

As well as a guide to Chris’s favourite coffee shops, this is also an advice manual on how to take advantage of modern communications and technology, learning from the example of industry greats such as JK Rowling and Barak Obama.
Chris suggests coffee shops as a place of work because they are full of people talking. Listen, and it is possible to pick up new ideas and trends. Shut out the talking and it becomes pleasant background noise that is a perfect foil to first class thought.

Chris believes offices sap strength and innovation. He maintains that in an office environment, it takes 40 hours a week to do what is possible in a fraction of the time if you work where and when you are happiest and most energized.
Well that is the book review done. Off for a swim now….

More about Chris Ward:

Chris Ward describes himself as an entrepreneur and activist. He has consulted with, among others, Comic Relief, Radiohead, PlayStation, Red Bull, Disney, the FIFA World Cup and the Nelson Mandela Foundation.
He competes in the toughest mountain and road bike races in the world, has run ten international marathons, has four children and has appeared naked in a Spencer Tunick artwork. His educational career was less than a success, and armed with low expectations of himself, he left school knowing it could only get better.

There are some very interesting photos in this book about Chris meeting very impressive people, but this is really not a book about him, it is about coffee and about making space for yourself. Read it.

Out of Office – work where you like & achieve more, by Chris Ward is available on Amazon, and of course in select coffee shops. The list price is £9.95.

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