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24 MARCH 2019


Tuesday, 25 October 2016 12:37
A gentle reminder about your relationship

Lessons from the Marmite spat

Most of us could have anticipated this. The spat between Tesco and Unilever has been good for Marmite sales.

The Brexit effect on the pound had led to Unilever raising prices. Tesco responded by refusing to buy product, including Marmite which became unavailable online.

So what happened next was predictable. The media waxed lyrical on how wonderful (or horrible) Marmite is and after a search of the back of cupboards, lots of people who had forgotten how much they loved it, rushed out to find some.

This resulted in a rise in sales of 61% in the week ended October 15 compared with the same period a year ago, according to data compiler IRI. Of course it can't last - there is a limit to how much Marmite even the greatest fan can eat. A jar goes a long way.

What it does illustrate, is how important it is to reinforce a company or product message. Complacency is dangerous, even if your customers are loyal.

So when did you last drop them a useful note to say you are thinking about them (if it contains a gift, so much the better), or remind them of how marvelous you are, quirky or irresistible? When did you last tell them how much you appreciate and value them?

While you are about it, drop a note to your mum, partner and the kids, plus all your friends. All those relationships will benefit from them knowing you care.
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