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22 MAY 2018


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Thursday, 11 May 2017 15:40
The Loyalty Magazine Awards 2017
Meet our sponsors:

What is the Future of the Loyalty Industry? In a phrase, “Payment Linked Loyalty”
Article by Lee Clarke, CEO and co-founder, Bink

Today’s consumer is fast, efficient and digitally savvy. They expect seamless, personalised, end to end solutions that save them time and harness the power of the technology they’re already using. Yet traditional loyalty schemes have evolved very little since their inception in the 1990s, continuing to operate on a plastic card or paper voucher basis.
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Data driven, analytical and personal
Finding out about Aimia. In conversation with James Moir, MD of Nectar

Loyalty Magazine: Aimia is such a well known and respected name in loyalty, it is easy to assume everyone knows what you do. For those who are new to the business can you explain your proposition?

James Moir: We are a data-driven marketing and loyalty analytics company. Put simply, we use insights to help our clients build more personal relationships with their customers and to help them make smarter business decisions.
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Bringing a proven loyalty and gift solution to European retailers. Conversation with John Norrie, founder and CEO of Tranxactor

Loyalty Magazine: How would you describe your company?
John Norrie: We are a solution provider for retail covering loyalty, CRM and gift. Our platform is an enabling technology to deliver digital marketing solutions to the retail market.
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What makes us stay loyal to a brand? Comarch sets out its approach

Is a customer who buys from you every day loyal, or are they buying from habit or convenience? What would make a customer go out of their way to buy from you, rather than from a competitor?
Loyalty combines functional and emotional connections with the brand. It comes from a lasting relationship based on trust, value, convenience and satisfaction.
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In conversation with Chris Papandropoulos, chief marketing officer of Qivos

You used to be called Cloudbiz. Why the name change?
We were expanding into new markets and we wanted something unique. Since other companies also exist with the name CLOUDBIZ in US and Asia, we decided to rebrand.
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Interview with Alain Falys, co-founder and CEO of Loyalty Magazine Awards 2017 sponsor Yoyo

Yoyo Wallet has been in existence since 2013 and is one of the most popular digital applications in the UK, offering mobile payment, digital loyalty, pre-ordering and personalised customer interactions.  =As the UK’s fastest growing mobile wallet, it is currently used at more than 200 corporate head offices and over 50 universities all over the country.
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For Good Causes

Interview with Crispin Rogers, founder and CEO of
For Good Causes.

What does For Good Causes do?
We are creating a new currency of giving, by enabling consumers to donate the value of their various rewards – points, miles or cashback – to the charity of their choice.
Our platform links together reward schemes and thousands of charities, to offer the consumer as much choice as possible, so they can support the cause they care about the most. Whether they have large balances and want to donate a proportion, or small balances and want to club together with others to reach a goal.
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