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22 MAY 2018


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Thursday, 11 May 2017 16:05
Loyalty Magazine Awards
Meet the Sponsor Q&A: For Good Causes

Interview with Crispin Rogers, founder and CEO of For Good Causes.

What does For Good Causes do?
We are creating a new currency of giving, by enabling consumers to donate the value of their various rewards – points, miles or cashback – to the charity of their choice.

Our platform links together reward schemes and thousands of charities, to offer the consumer as much choice as possible, so they can support the cause they care about the most. Whether they have large balances and want to donate a proportion, or small balances and want to club together with others to reach a goal.

We want to re-think rewards by creating this virtuous circle of giving. And we want to see an end to apathy about collecting points, as consumers are inspired to help the causes they care about, without hitting their wallets.

We think For Good Causes will be the most rewarding way for people to spend their rewards.

Why are you doing this?

There’s over £7bn in unused rewards in the UK alone – that’s money that is sitting around doing nobody any good.

It’s not good for the customer, who becomes jaded and disillusioned if they’re not tasting the benefits of their rewards: And as a result, it’s not good for the brand. All the data I’ve seen in my working life shows how redeeming customers are significantly more loyal than customers who just collect. They buy more, attrite less and think better of the brand.

Meanwhile charities are finding it harder than ever to raise funds sustainably. In particular, the millennial generation is demonstrating exceptional social conscience, but is not responding in the same way as their parents’ generation in signing up with regular direct debits. Yet so many ordinary people do such extraordinary things for charity – we all have causes close to our hearts because of things that have happened to us, our friends or our families.

We think people should be able to connect these things together – and be able to choose which charity they want to support with the value of the rewards they have earned.

We also think that we can raise £100m for charities over a five year period – which would be amazing!

Everyone wins. Consumers feel good. Brands build real affinity. And charities tap into a much needed new income stream.

Who’s behind it?

I’ve been in the Loyalty industry for 20 years, running Shell’s loyalty programmes globally. The team we have in place now have experience at Samsung, the AA, Experian, Accenture, Barclaycard, British Nuclear and CERN – as well as the army and teaching!

We’re a start up and with our mission to raise as much funding for charities as we can, we’re also a for profit with purpose Social Enterprise, with a licence agreement with Social Enterprise International.

When will we see this rolling out?

We’ll be going into pilot over the summer and ramping up scale toward a full launch in Q3 in the UK. Other markets will follow from 2018.

What role do charities play in this?
Charities don't have to do anything to receive points, but in addition, we are inviting charities to join us as For Good Causes partners, which involves them using their communication channels to tell their customers about this new currency of giving. That way they’ll get more than their market share of donations, we’ll give them some prominence and promotion, and together we’ll build the momentum to raise significant funds.

How do loyalty programmes get involved?
Just by contacting us and starting the discussion on how we can add For Good Causes as a redemption option in your programme. We have several integration options which can be very light touch – so your programme could quickly be benefiting from having a deeper relationship with your customers as you enable them to make a real difference to the things they truly care about.

You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

What made you choose to be a Category Sponsor for the Loyalty Magazine Awards?
I’ve been involved in the Awards since its inception and have been very impressed at the breadth and calibre of representation from the industry – in the entries, on the Awards night and in the subsequent profile of the finalists and winners.

I’m also on the Judging Panel and like a lot of Loyalty specialists, feel like this really is the industry event that belongs to ‘us’. What better platform to launch our new venture – and to make a rallying call across the industry for us all to get involved and make a positive difference to the communities and world around us?

Meet For Good Causes at The Loyalty Magazine Awards 2017 in London on June 20.

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