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22 MARCH 2019


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Tuesday, 23 May 2017 10:53
Meet the Sponsor Q&A: Qivos
Forget B2B and B2C. This is about H2H

In conversation with Chris Papandropoulos, chief marketing officer of Qivos

You used to be called Cloudbiz. Why the name change?
We were expanding into new markets and we wanted something unique. Since other companies also exist with the name CLOUDBIZ in US and Asia, we decided to rebrand.

What do you do?
Qivos is a marketing technology agency, member of FF Group, that delivers successful end-to-end customer loyalty management through unified commerce. Based on our expertise in customer experience strategies and tailor made technology solutions we help brands build unique long-term relationships with their customers.

We focus on on four key premises:
• Identify shoppers at every possible touchpoint either in the brick & mortar or the digital world.
• Utilize data science and artificial intelligence in a way that builds a unified customer profile along with shopping patterns.
• Execute targeted, personalised multi-channel campaigns which lead to great conversion rates maximizing customer lifecycle value.
• Use dynamic dashboards to leverage intelligence and make decisions that will affect loyalty programme’s ROI and the overall progress.

How do you know if your targeted marketing campaigns are irritating your customers?

We do surveys, and we monitor opt-outs. We don’t see the problem of wrong marketing, because if it is targeted, individual and relevant, the customer will appreciate the value. People want to be in a loyalty programme because of the benefits. But in society, all people are not the same, and you can’t satisfy everyone. You will always get some people who wish to disconnect.

Promotions and marketing communication that doesn’t use intelligence and patterns can be very annoying sometimes, but using predictive analytics, we can avoid a situation where we are marketing something that the customer no longer wants.

How big is the reach of your company?
With local offices in London, Athens, Hong Kong we serve customers from various industries in more than 10 countries. For example in the Greek market we reach 11 million people and hold four million shopper profiles. We don’t just work with one store but lots of brands and businesses, so we get a full profile. We build a “share of wallet” for each unique customer. This minimises the chance of making a marketing mistake.

What happens after a targeted campaign?

We measure the results and share them with clients so they can leverage and make the moves that will enhance the loyalty programme’s ROI.

How is your company different to other marketing agencies?
Forget B2B, and B2C, this is H2H – human to human. Communication is not just about clients or customers, we create full loyalty that is H2H. We make it possible for companies to be loyal to customers.

How does a company achieve that?

Our vision is to inspire loyalty through compelling customer experience and unified commerce for our clients.

A brand has to be able to provide customers with what they need. Loyalty programmes are not discount programmes any more. What does a customer need from a company? They want to go to a shop and feel they are part of that company. They want to live the experience. It is about involvement, trust and security. We are all human beings and these things are the blue line.

How does this work in practice?
It is about the company culture, and about the interactions. In time, and if they are trusted, a company will learn everything about a customer. This knowledge has to be used with respect, and in order to give extra value. For example, Starbucks writes a customer name on their coffee; Apple understands my needs.

Where do payments fit in?
Payments work for consumers, but they are a pain for merchants. It could be better. There is a great deal of regulation moving into the payments and data space. GDPR for example has kick-started interest in loyalty, because companies now need permission to collect data. There are different rules emerging that will affect how we play the loyalty and marketing game.

Meet Qivos at The Loyalty Magazine Awards 2017 in London on June 20.
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