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24 JANUARY 2018

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Wednesday, 08 November 2017 00:00
Company profile: Magnuson
Hi Loyalty Magazine Readers, We're Magnuson Worldwide

What's a Magnuson?
Well it’s a who, actually. We’re a hotel conversion brand that was founded over a decade ago by Thomas and Melissa Magnuson. We’re a family business that was started as ‘the low-cost alternative to franchising’ and has quickly become the world’s largest independent hotel group as a result. Today, the consumer-facing brand Magnuson Hotels is the fastest growing hotel brand in history- adding more new hotels in the last 10 years than 8 of the top 10 chains combined.
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Company profile: Currency Alliance
Exchanging ideas on extending loyalty collaboration

In conversation with Charles (Chuck) Ehredt, CEO and co-founder, Currency Alliance

Loyalty Magazine: Explain what Currency Alliance is
Charles Ehredt: Currency Alliance operates a technology platform to make it much easier for merchants and travel suppliers to connect with business partners to issue or redeem the same loyalty currencies, as well as enable the exchange of loyalty currencies.  We are the ecosystem that creates more liquidity with loyalty point currencies so they are more appealing and attract engagement from customers. In this way we aim to reinvigorate participation from both frequent and less frequent customers in loyalty programmes.
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Company profile: Tranxactor
Bringing a proven loyalty and gift solution to European retailers. In conversation with John Norrie, founder and CEO of Tranxactor

Loyalty Magazine: How would you describe your company?

John Norrie: We are a solution provider for retail covering loyalty, CRM and gift. Our platform is an enabling technology to deliver digital marketing solutions to the retail market.
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Company profile: For Good Causes








People do extraordinary things for the causes they love. Run marathons. Bake cakes for a local fete. Sit for hours in a bath of beans. Doing ‘our bit’ makes us feel great. Spreading the love not only helps us as individuals feel self worth, it also makes great business sense.

At For Good Causes, we want to help everyone, everyday, support the things they care about.

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Company profile: Givex

Givex offers omnichannel loyalty, gift card, stored value ticketing and EPOS solutions, which drive sales for our clients, help them better understand, reward and entice their customers and ultimately make better-informed business decisions.

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