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20 FEBRUARY 2019


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Monday, 15 January 2018 09:31

Company profile: For Good Causes










People do extraordinary things for the causes they love. Run marathons. Bake cakes for a local fete. Sit for hours in a bath of beans. Doing ‘our bit’ makes us feel great. Spreading the love not only helps us as individuals feel self worth, it also makes great business sense.

At For Good Causes, we want to help everyone, everyday, support the things they care about. So we came up with a new way of doing it; by helping people convert their loyalty points, miles or cashback into financial donations to the charity of their choice.

Loyalty programmes are designed to drive customer engagement. Giving customers the chance to support the things with which they have the deepest connection will connect them more than ever – encouraging members to be active. As for customers, that’s better than beans; it’s giving them the chance to make a difference to their charities every day.

We’re entering a new era where customer loyalty and social conscience meets to create something amazingly powerful for all. A customer-centric approach to CSR. And a strong return on investment to boot.

Points can save lives. Air miles can improve communities. Cash-back can promote self-worth. All at no cost to customers, so their everyday choices can help their charities access the resources they need to achieve amazing things.

If you run a loyalty scheme, talk to us about adding For Good Causes as a redemption option. Engage with your customers on a completely different level. And watch your social impact increase.

We’re a start-up, for profit with purpose Social Enterprise.

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