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20 FEBRUARY 2019


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Wednesday, 20 June 2018 00:00
Winners announced from a truly global Loyalty Magazine Awards 2018
People travelled from all over the world to attend the special Gala Awards Evening for The Loyalty Magazine Awards, making it a truly global event.

Attendees arrived from South Africa, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, the US, India, The United Emirates, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Russia, The Netherlands, South Africa, Australia, China and many other countries to learn which companies achieved the accolade of being a Loyalty Magazine Awards winner.

Held at The Pavilion, Tower of London, The Loyalty Magazine Awards have established themselves as the premier event on the Loyalty calendar. Now in their seventh year, they pay tribute to the creativity, ingenuity, technical brilliance and sheer marketing genius that it takes to produce a world-class loyalty initiative.

Loyalty without a name
This year, for the first time, they recognised the growth in customer loyalty initiatives that exist without an actual programme. The category, called ‘Loyalty without a name’ impressed the judges with the quality of entries, and ensured it will be included in the category list again next year.

30 under 40

Also taking place for the first year was the 30 under 40 competition – to find the Rising Stars of Loyalty. This resulted in a most impressive list of high achieving professionals and nearly all the winners were in the room to receive their certificates. Again, this looks set to be a regular feature of The Loyalty Magazine Awards.

Personality of the Year

This year the recipient of the coveted Personality of the Year Awards is Bryan Pearson, internationally renowned author, loyalty philosopher and data guru, who is also CEO of LoyaltyOne. A profile of Bryan is published in the Winners edition of Loyalty Magazine.

Prime Sponsor of The Loyalty Magazine Awards, Chuck Ehredt, of Currency Alliance reminded the audience that the roots of loyalty went a long way back to the days of green shield stamps and beyond, but that change was necessary to keep it relevant and useful. He said: “I believe every business must have a Loyalty strategy and that the strategy should deploy Loyalty mechanics to engage with customers.  But points are an excuse to start a dialogue, not the end game. Companies must show loyalty to customers to keep them.”

List of The Loyalty Magazine Awards winners

Personality of the Year Award
Winner: Bryan Pearson

Best Use of Technology

Winner: Sainsbury’s / Aimia – This time it’s ultra-personalised!
This pioneering CRM solution uses location data that powers two key commercial opportunities. Firstly, communication:  a vehicle for delivering personalised offers to customers in precise locations in and around Sainsbury’s stores. Secondly, insight: granular understanding of customer behaviour in-store, the equivalent of web analytics to online, plus real-time research.
The solution involves the SmartOffers iOS mobile app that delivers in-store promotion messages to trigger customers in real-time. It utilises sophisticated machine learning algorithms, beacons, Bluetooth Low Energy and push messaging to understand, personalise, reach and track customers in, around and outside stores.

Best Short Term Loyalty Initiative
Winner: New World / UNGA – NZ grows children’s grocery loyalty to a whole new level
New Zealand grocery retailer New World conducted an extremely successful, sustainable and educational short-term loyalty campaign. During the 6-week promotion period, shoppers received a free Little Garden seedling kit with every NZ$40 they spent, allowing them to grow their own vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers. There were 24 different seedling kits.
Children learned where the food they consumed comes from, how pollination works and what it is to take care of a living thing in a very fun way. It also helped seed the benefits of environmental responsibility at a young age. Schools all over the country embraced the campaign and used it as a fun way to teach children about biology, science and more.

Highly Commended: Netto / TCC Global – Grillspil: All weather is BBQ weather

Best Use of Communications including Social Media
Winner: Volvo Car Turkey / Ketchup – Volvo Car Prime
Volvo Car Prime is a segment-based mobile loyalty programme designed for existing and future Volvo car owners, allowing them to get special benefits on their new car and after-sales service purchases, combined with lifestyle privileges that they can benefit from in their everyday lives.
Volvo Car Prime lifestyle offers are created based on people’s interests, and previous transactions are collected in the profile section of the programme app. Members can benefit from a wide variety of privileges in fashion, comfort, travel, sports, culture & arts. The majority of Volvo customers in Turkey are upscale so, rather than discounts and vouchers, programme offers are mainly focused on experiences such as special movie screenings or premium events.

Highly Commended: New World / UNGA – New Zealand grows children’s grocery loyalty to a whole new level

Best B2B Loyalty Programme
Winner: IBM / Motivforce – Know Your IBM
Know Your IBM (KYI) is IBM’s primary B2B loyalty programme, targeting resellers in its distribution channel globally with rewards for completing product educational activities and selling eligible IBM solutions.
The overall programme objective for 2017 was to ensure channel partners in 131 countries across 14 languages were as technically proficient as possible, giving them a competitive edge when selling complex server products and solutions to their end clients, ultimately generating revenue and growing market share.
The most emphatic measure of KYI’s success is the learning and sales efficacy of the participants in all markets, compared with similarly profiled non-participants.

Highly Commended: Lenovo / Motivforce – LEAP programme

Best Use of Analytics & Data
Sponsored by Givex
Winner: Turkcell – Next Best Action Platform
The platform uses daily predictive models that capture customer usage patterns and run real-time eligibility rules. It helps to turn individual interactions with the customers of Turkish telco Turkcell into relevant, contextual and personalised engagement for inbound marketing. It creates opportunities for deep market segmentation, better conversion, higher lifetime value and greater retention throughout the customer lifecycle.  
To get customer-based Next Best Actions Turkcell executes a daily process based on adaptive learning technology and multichannel communication. This enables it to understand the different needs of customers through millions of variable combinations produced by the automated feature extraction (AFE) technique, which extracts information from customer profiles to conduct multichannel communications.

Best Omnichannel Loyalty Initiative of the Year

Winner: Craveable Brands / Tranxactor – Delivers Loyalty Online & In-store
Using a flexible loyalty platform Australian fast food company Craveable Brands has transformed its loyalty programmes from traditional card based, store-only programmes, to digital and card based schemes. This enables customers to seamlessly move between the physical store and the food ordering and delivery website, earning and redeeming points in real-time.
The efforts of the Craveable digital team and brand leadership have delivered:
• 35% uplift in membership sign up – strong acquisition of new members
• 40% increase in loyalty transactions
• Loyalty Points Balance Reminder journey drove 25% uplift in engagement
• Loyalty engagement programmes contributed to US$9m in incremental sales
• 60% reduction in complaints
• 300% improvement in positive feedback

Highly Commended:
real / Boost Group – Mein Kleiner Biogarten

Best Use of CRM
Winner: Sainsbury’s / Aimia – This time it’s ultra-personalised!
For the last 50 years CRM has been focused on serving the right message, to the right customer, at the right time, through the right channel. Now we have the added dimension of right location. Aimia developed a pioneering solution to deliver contextually relevant offers and messages to Sainsbury’s customers, and granular customer journey analysis to the business, plus real-time research.
Aimia developed a suite of dashboards to understand customer journeys through the store. The dashboards can be filtered by store, by customer demographic, by segment, by loyalty tier.
For the first time, we are able to understand dwell time to conversion in-store, aisle-to-aisle flows, route analysis for customers on missions, value of secondary space, impact of seasonal events and other changes – for example, if the baked beans have moved. All of this helps inform space, ranging and merchandising decisions.

Highly Commended: Toy Association / Balluun – ShopToys365

Best Loyalty Programme of the Year – Travel (including hotels and locations)
Winner: Hilton – Hilton Honors unveils more of what matters most
Guided by extensive consumer feedback, Hilton Honors introduced a range of new perks including offering members worldwide the choice to flexibly combine points and money for a hotel stay, to use their points at, to allow family and friends to combine their points, and the ability to extend Diamond status when life puts travel on pause.
Members can use the new Hilton Honors Points & Money slider to select how many points they want to redeem toward a room, enabling points to be used faster for hotel stays, any time, with no blackout dates. Members can also “pool” their points with up to 10 friends or family members for free. A total of 11 members can now pool their points for stays in great locations for family reunions, parties or any other event that brings people together.
The Hilton Honors programme added 11.5 million new members in 2017, to reach 71 million. By the end of the year, the programme had an occupancy rate of over 57% (worldwide).
Hilton guests can now access their rooms through the Hilton Honors app via Digital Key, with 2,500 hotels around the globe offering the service by the end of 2017.

Best Loyalty Programme of the Year – Food Retail
Winner: FrieslandCampina / Magneds – Eurosparen platform
With over 1.2 million consumers (16% of Dutch households) participating, Eurosparen (Dutch for ‘Collecting euros’) is the biggest FMCG loyalty platform in the Netherlands. It has developed from a pure reward programme to now being a complete consumer activation platform. Eurosparen enables all FrieslandCampina brands (13 in 2017) to interact with their customers on various unique channels. But more importantly: it enables them to get to know their customer on a personal level.
Thanks to year round unique on-pack codes (SKU level) FrieslandCampina is able to digitalise all shopper activations and collect data such as product and category, pack size, frequency and penetration. This can be connected to the personal accounts of individuals, giving the opportunity to optimise all marketing and sales activities and serve the customer even better.
The average 35,000 codes being entered per day shows the vitality of the platform and its campaigns.

Best Customer Experience
Sponsored by Collinson
Winner: Marks & Spencer / InMoment – Leveraging Customer Stories
In 2015, M&S CEO Steve Rowe declared a renewed focus on customer centricity. This spawned the business-broadening opportunity to give customers an active role in crafting better shopping experiences. Shortly thereafter, M&S International launched a voice of customer (VoC) programme in over 400 stores in 20 languages across 31 countries.
The company received over 300,000 pieces of customer feedback in the programme’s first year alone. Customer receipts contain a link to a web-based survey featuring both structured and open-ended prompts. A strong focus on unstructured, “human” feedback gives M&S richer, more detailed data to uncover trends, differentiators, and opportunities for improvement.
The ability to add localised questions has meant that each market is able to gain understanding in areas that matter to them, but may not be relevant to other markets or even the brand on the whole. This gives each market ownership of the programme instead of it feeling like a corporate mandate.

Best Loyalty Programme of the Year – Non-Food Retail
Winner: Pets at Home – VIP Club: more segmented, more personalised, more loyalty
Pets at Home is a rising star in UK retail and VIP is central to this: understanding customers and their pets better than competitors do. Customer insight to develop new highly segmented and personalised propositions to drive loyalty, and to join-up multi-channel behaviour to improve marketing and cross shopping of channels and services.
Pets at Home’s 2014 IPO was more than a year ahead of schedule due to strong performance and sales jumped by 7% LFL in the 12 weeks to January 4, 2017. Launched in November 2012 the VIP Club is at the heart of their success:
• Understanding their customers and their pets better than anyone else through insight.
• Using this insight to drive both the proposition and VIP Club to grow loyalty.
• Now reaching nearly 60% of all pet owners in the UK.
Research highlighted that members wanted to receive more personalised and relevant information and offers. Members who accessed multiple categories, channels and services had a higher retention rate.

Best Use of Gamification to Enhance Loyalty
Winner: Virgin / Mando Connect – Virgin Red
Virgin Red is a highly gamified, new breed of loyalty programme, from one of the world’s most loved brands. It is designed to help Virgin customers in the UK live a life more Virgin, by offering them a daily hit of new experiences, rewards, glamour and a cheeky bit of fun.
The programme features rewards from the Virgin Group and its friends – brands such as Virgin Trains, Bella Italia and Virgin Experience Days. Monthly rewards from entrepreneurial brands – such as chocolate messages from Morse Toad, or free cards from thortful. All further amplified by competitions such as ‘Win a signed driver’s top from DS Virgin Racing’.
Members are incentivised to join together to gain more points, sharing experience through digital channels including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Resulting in an amazing 100,000 member shares.

Highly Commended: Lidl – The Lidl Birthday Game

Best Loyalty Programme of the Year – Financial Services

Winner: Piraeus Bank – Yellow Rewards Programme
Yellow stands for a young, successful and promising Greek programme, created to reward customers for their full banking relationship. Yellow enriches their everyday banking, deepens their digital footprint & widens their deposit balance, by giving back added value in a convenient & playful way (a digital currency). Yellow rewards customers with points called ‘yellows’ for the acquisition and use of the bank’s products and services, through a simple and gainful procedure. Piraeus Bank has created a partner ecosystem of a small number of well-known brands (21 partners) that meet all customers’ everyday needs (supermarket, fuel, energy, communication, shopping, travelling and health services).
The programme has differentiated itself from other bank loyalty schemes with the Yellowday redemption channel. This works as a deal platform with unique discounts in products and services for everyday needs, focused on a mobile-first strategy with gamification elements.
Nearly 1,000,000 customers have enrolled in the programme so far, outperforming the annual target by 20%.

Highly Commended:  MotoNovo Finance / Performance Bonus – MotorV8 REWARDS

Best Coupon / Voucher Based Loyalty Programme
Winner: Lidl Denmark – Quality gifts improve image, shopping frequency, footfall and loyalty
Lidl Denmark used gamification mechanisms to drive customers to the stores short term and to build long term loyalty. With this initiative, Lidl Denmark increased shopping frequency, improved the company and product image and achieved a massive increase in permissions, which lays the foundation for loyalty initiatives across touchpoints.
Lidl created a mobile-first game – the “The Lidl Birthday Game” – which offered its own customers and those of competitors a daily chance to win vouchers with 25%, 50% or 100% discounts on a range of Lidl products.
The initiative improved the image of Lidl with 38% of game users becoming more positive about the brand and its products. It attracted 188,470 users, playing 1,662,893 games for 66,626 hours.
60% of users were doing most of their grocery shopping at competitors, which means that the initiative attracted new customers! 70% of the users were made aware of products they did not know of before.

Loyalty Without a Name – NEW!
Winner: UnipolSai Assicurazioni – “Ghost loyalty” programme
UnipolSai Assicurazioni is a multi-branch non-life insurance company in Italy. The “Ghost loyalty” programme maps all brand/user interactions, enabling the company to obtain valuable information to enrich the profile of each customer.
Since starting in 2015 the programme has provided numerous customer benefits. They can enter contests with prizes and obtain periodic rewards based partly on their behavioural profiles. In 2018 customers are offered the new Pop Coins virtual money benefit. These are based on mapping all the previous actions of customers and can be spent on products and services in the UnipolSai prize catalogue.
The programme enhances UnipolSai’s co-marketing partnerships with prestigious brands (such as Disney, Amazon, Apple, Mediaset, Editoriale Domus, Almo Nature, Bosch and many others) and has enabled it to involve a wider audience, maximising engagement and increasing the number of policies taken out.

Best Loyalty Industry Innovation
Winner: Vodafone Greece – Thank You Cashback
Vodafone Greece’s Thank You Cashback is an innovative mobile-based reward scheme that operates at over 1,800 Greek supermarkets. The app enables the customer to benefit in just a few seconds from a range of mobile FMCG coupons.
Cashback offers Vodafone customers discounts on their bill or top-up when shopping at any supermarket in Greece. The more a customer shops at a supermarket, the more they earn on their Vodafone mobile or fixed. After shopping, the customer enters Cashback via their My Vodafone app and scans their receipt to get the associated benefit. Within a few seconds, the customer can benefit from more than 300 mobile FMCG coupons and receive a discount on their bill or top up.
Over 80,000 Vodafone customers have submitted at least one supermarket receipt via Cashback, and users are increasing by 20% a month.

Best Use of Mobile Within a Loyalty Strategy
Winner: Yudonpay – Smart Loyalty Programmes Wallet & Promotions
Yudonpay gathers and organises all your loyalty programmes in one single virtual space. Live in Spain since 2016, it launched in Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Peru in December 2017, and plans to rollout in Mexico in the coming months as a first step to entering the US market. Yudonpay allows users to:
• Automatically join new loyalty programmes
• Earn points with regular & recurrent purchases
• Update their points balance
• Be conscious of expiration dates
• Know all the benefits & promotions of each programme
• Access the programme’s redemption catalogues
• Set their goals in order to foster certain purchasing behaviour and transactions
• Facilitate the redemption of their points
Programme operators love that Yudonpay helps them remain more easily engaged with their customers, motivates higher frequency of shopping, pushes promotional campaigns to a wide audience, and attracts new members to their programmes.

Best CSR Initiative Linked to Loyalty
Sponsored by For Good Causes
Winner: MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet – Investing in what matters most – customers and the community
We all care deeply about something, whether it’s our children’s education, our planet, or being a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves. South Africa’s MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet connects you to your family, community and causes in a way that inspires, drives incremental sales growth and makes a sustainable, measurable difference.
During 2017 several powerful and influential initiatives were launched to help achieve the programme goals of Educating, Evolving and Empowering.
These included the #MySchool20 integrated social media campaign which asked customers “What matters most to you? Who are you swiping your card for (raising funds for)?” Local personalities, from celebrity chefs, DJs and rugby stars to comedians and conservationists, helped MySchool to activate and amplify the message across Facebook and Twitter in order to engage its current and potential audience.
The campaign resulted in 25,496 new customers being acquired (27% above target), over 1 million impressions on social and over 35,000 customer engagements, all on a very limited budget.

Best New Loyalty Launch of the Year
Winner: Sky – Sky VIP
The Sky VIP programme combines creativity, content and innovation to bring customers closer to more of the things they love. The tenure based programme gets better the longer you are with Sky; and it’s free to join, no strings attached.
Sky needed to change the way it treated existing customers. Underlying drivers of churn showed that longer tenure customers were increasingly dissatisfied by a lack of recognition by the brand.
Sky VIP launched in August 2017 as the only loyalty programme in the UK designed to recognise customers for their tenure, rather than the depth of their pockets. No bribes to spend more, simply to appreciate the time Sky customers have spent with the brand.
The programme offers a unique mix of ‘only Sky can access’ experiences, tickets and free content/upgrades that get better the longer the customer is with Sky.

Best Loyalty Programme Marketing Campaign of the Year
Sponsored by Tranxactor
Winner: Cable & Wireless Seychelles (CWS) – Help To Hear
Cable & Wireless Seychelles partnered with its customers to help children with hearing impairment using donation of points from the Cable Points loyalty programme. The publicity surrounding the Happy to Give: Help to Hear initiative generated interest in local media to the point that the membership of Cable Points increased by 7% within a month.
At the end of the 30-day campaign, more than SR195,000 (a little over £10,000) had been collected. New members of the loyalty programme itself rose by 15% within 30 days. This surge was due to the fact that non-C&W customers wanted to participate in the programme and they could only do so by getting its SIM cards.
To take part customers would dial the code on the phone and decide how many points to give away. The system converts the points into the local currency and the customer gets a notification back confirming the amount with a thank you note.

Highly Commended: Vodafone / Seri Jakala – Vodafone Happy: The engagement programme for Vodafone Italian customers

Best Long Term Loyalty Programme

Winner: MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet – Investing in what matters most reaps long term benefits
We all care deeply about something, whether it is our children’s future, our pets, wild animals, the fragile, ill or vulnerable. For 20 years South Africa’s MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet has made it possible to give back to the cause you care about, raising over R500m (€33.9m) in funding and delivering billions in sales.
Over 8,000 schools and charities benefit monthly from the programme. It addresses various social concerns in South Africa, and delivers investment directly into education, disability, health, youth development, in addition to animal and environmental protection.
MySchool is uniquely differentiated in the marketplace through its grassroots relationships with schools/charities, plus the ability to empower customers. The human truth at the core of the offer is that MySchool connects you to what matters most.
The beauty of the programme is its true partnership between community organisations, retail and customers, delivering benefits to all three sectors.

Highly Commended: Pets at Home – VIP Club: more segmented, more personalised, more loyalty

Regional Loyalty Champions of the Year Awards

Sponsored by Currency Alliance

Western Europe
Winner: Pets at Home – VIP Club
Having triumphed for a second consecutive year in the Non-Food – Retail category, Pets at Home is a deserved winner in its geographic region of Western Europe. A rising star of UK retail, VIP Club is central to its strategy of understanding customers and their pets better than competitors do.

Central and Eastern Europe including Russia and Turkey
Winner: Piraeus Bank – Yellow Rewards Programme
Piraeus Bank has differentiated itself from the bank competitors’ loyalty offerings with the Yellowday redemption channel for its Yellow Rewards Programme. Using gamification elements, Yellowday works as a deal platform with unique discounts in products and services for everyday needs.

Middle East & Africa
Winner: MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet – Investing in what matters most reaps long term benefits
MySchool My Village MyPlanet continues to lead the way among CSR initiatives. For two decades it has made it possible to give back to the cause you care about, raising more than R500m in funds and billions worth of sales. Everyone has benefited from its efforts, including 8,000 South African schools.

Asia including Australia, New Zealand, the Indian sub-continent and all areas East

Winner: Craveable Brands / Tranxactor – Delivers Loyalty Online and In-store
Asia makes its debut as a standalone regional category at this year’s awards, and Craveable Brands is a worthy inaugural winner. The Australian company has transformed the traditional card-based schemes at its fast food brands through a digital-enabled platform that works seamlessly both in-store and online.

30 under 40

The 30 rising young stars of the Loyalty industry

Mark Murphy, head of CRM and loyalty, Virgin Trains
Mark has extensive experience of delivering highly complex CRM, digital marketing and loyalty programmes in both B2B and B2C environments. A linchpin figure who has delivered key strategic projects for market leaders in the hospitality and gaming sectors, including one of the fastest growing FTSE 100 companies.

Graham Bradley, loyalty programme & propositions manager, Heathrow Airport

Graham has made a transformational difference to how customer loyalty is practised at Heathrow Airport. Through Heathrow Rewards, Graham delivers initiatives to enable loyalty to make invaluable contributions to the business’s four priorities, and in doing so, deliver customer and colleague loyalty to Heathrow’s airlines, destinations, and commercial offering.

Manish Dureja, MD, Jet Privilege
Since the inception of Jet Privilege three years ago, Manish has overseen its establishment as India’s leading loyalty and rewards management company. Manish is a thought leader on marketing, loyalty programme design & development, strategic planning, airline revenue management and CRM.

Nathan Ansell, director – customer loyalty & marketing director, Marks & Spencer

Nathan was recently made marketing director, clothing and home at M&S, with full mix accountability for all marketing and promotional channels but maintains his role as director – customer loyalty, with responsibilities for the Sparks card, and across customer insight – data analytics, as well as loyalty, CRM and all 1:1 marketing.

Rachel Brown, UK marketing intelligence manager, Baxi Heating

Rachel headed up the team responsible for relaunching the Baxi Works installer loyalty programme, winner of the 2017 Loyalty Magazine Awards B2B category. Following extensive research, the loyalty scheme was rebuilt with an overhaul of benefits plus a new app with barcode scanner. Rachel is credited with being a great team leader.

Michael Hegelund, online & social media manager, Lidl Denmark
Michael founded his first company at 22 and has continued to explore digital opportunities to create great experiences and loyal customers. He has won 5 loyalty awards in the last 4 years for a number of brands. He acts as a mentor for start-ups, connected to a major Denmark university.

Can Tascioglu, systems coordinator, Interlink
Can has been working with a range of brands in Turkey to enable customer giving through loyalty programmes. This is now possible with Interlink portals and has led to recognition for “Responsible Consumption and Production” which is the UN’s 12th Global Goal and which Can believes has contributed to significant changes in the loyalty sector.

Lourens Keers, independent digital consultant, Netherlands
Lourens has over 12 years of experience in digital transformation projects and working as an independent consultant, mainly for (international) A-brands in the field of retail, software development and publishing, but also start-ups. Clients include Americans Overseas, Axioma, Blokker Holding, Het Financieele Dagblad, Intersport, Magnetic Field and Shifter.

Tom Nichols, consultant, customer & digital, Baringa Partners

Joining Collinson’s global loyalty practice straight from university in 2014, Tom, now 25, has made significant strides to improve global loyalty. His projects in the last 12 months include European and North American airlines, Chinese real estate, Middle East retailers and global hotel chains. Since May 2018, Tom has been a consultant within Baringa’s customer and digital practice.

Frances Wilkinson, senior marketing manager, Morrisons
In four years at Morrisons, Frances has worked across targeted marketing & loyalty. Significant achievements include launching the Match & More loyalty scheme to price match other retailers, working on the technical set along with managing all customer facing communication and acquisition. Recently she introduced a real time, points at till system.

Charlie Casey, co-founder, LoyaltyLion
Charlie, 33 years old, co-founded LoyaltyLion in 2012, with a clear mission to disrupt traditional loyalty programmes whilst giving fast growth ecommerce retailers a competitive edge over Amazon. LoyaltyLion is a customer loyalty and engagement platform that powers 2,300 ecommerce retailers.

Aron Locsei, general manager, Brand Loyalty

Aron has worked for Brand Loyalty for 13 years and in 2012 received the Loyalty Magazine Award on behalf of his company for Best Loyalty Programme Marketing Campaign. He has helped in the conversion from paper-stamps to a fully digital, omni-channel proposition. From July he heads up the global Brand Loyalty business intelligence client team.

Steph Pearson, loyalty account manager, TLC Marketing Worldwide

Steph has worked on Loyalty programmes for a little over 18 months and has already demonstrated her natural instinct and capabilities for adapting and innovating in a challenging industry. A born multi-tasker, there is nothing that Steph can’t turn a hand to from project planning and client pitches to most importantly taking a client and programme and nurturing both in tandem.

Michael Rolph, CEO, Yoyo
Michael is co-founder and CEO at Yoyo, Europe’s fastest growing mobile payment and loyalty marketing platform according to Forbes. Having previously worked at PayPal and Barclaycard, Michael saw it was inevitable that mobile payments was going to play a central role in retail and how the sector engaged with customers and stepped up to the challenge.

Camilo Courtenay, loyalty, CRM and proposition manager, Eurostar
Camilo has worked in loyalty for six years – four with Eurostar and previously with BA focusing on championing the customer and using insight to drive proposition improvements. He is passionate about the commercial value an effective loyalty programme can generate. Most recently, he led the design of the new Club Eurostar programme.

Amanda Fox Rosowski, senior marketing manager, Magnuson Hotels

With an ambition to be a CEO by 40, Amanda has gained plenty of experience in heavily customer-centric industries. This has taught her skills to generate buy-in at all levels and understand processes which is something Magnuson Hotel guests benefit from significantly, alongside her international experience and commitment.

Milan Schnorrer, founding partner, Pricewise
Milan is a founder and partner of Pricewise, the creators of GOPASS, which creates digital skiing experiences. A guest lecturer at University of Groningen in the Netherlands, he has spent 10 years in customer analytics and communications, designed countless direct marketing strategies and has extensive experience in design and management of loyalty programmes.

Hugo Tapia-Frade, head of customer strategy & CRM – group business development, Hackett
Hugo is one of the architects of and is the driving force behind 65B, Hackett’s award-winning customer engagement programme. 65B is a truly ground-breaking loyalty programme: it is unpublished, involves no customer identifier such as an app or plastic card, yet gives Hackett visibility of c.55% of all customers.

Edel Egan, loyalty marketing manager, Electric Ireland

Having worked in customer marketing and loyalty in traditional industries and online businesses, Edel has seen the impact that a strong loyalty strategy can have on company growth. Particularly in the energy sector, Edel believes loyalty needs to be at the centre of any company strategy and is a key factor in differentiating truly exceptional brands.

Alastair Doig, director of strategy and client services, Perkbox
Alastair joined Perkbox (then Huddlebuy) in 2013 when the company had just seven employees. It now employs over 190 in two UK offices, and Alastair has been instrumental in this growth and success. His achievements include building a bespoke loyalty programme for Worldpay and projects for Bupa, British Gas and Rated People. He was heavily involved in the acquisition of Loyalty Bay.

Azim Esmail, founder and CEO, RewardOps

Azim has a passion for simplifying rewards technology and building a product that empowers loyalty partners to grow their business. Celebrating the 5th birthday of RewardOps, Azim’s reputation in the industry is formidable, with major industry leaders relying on his expertise. His hands-on approach and work ethic are appreciated by his 25+ longstanding team.

Peter Hygate, head of B2B client marketing, The Entertainer Group
Peter is responsible for ensuring clients’ loyalty KPIs are set, monitored, optimised and delivered across an omnichannel marketing environment spanning 14 countries, multiple languages and industries from retail banking to education and FMCG. He and his team provide bespoke loyalty solutions using The Entertainer’s rewards portfolio incorporating partner brand identity, USPs and data collection.

Carl Nacouzi, assistant general manager, Unilux Cards
Carl has spent over 15 years in the cards and payments industry with a strong focus on loyalty and customer engagement. He has assumed ownership of entire projects from inception onwards, and beyond the technology, which is very feature-rich and constantly evolving, he provides marketing consultancy for brand and content creation, social media, advertising and KPIs.

Adam Ward, CEO & co-founder, Airtime Rewards
Adam has a track record in mobile technology and internet business focusing on highly scalable growth areas. Using the existing payment infrastructure from Mastercard and Visa, he has created a digital reward currency to offer major retailers and others the capability to reward consumers back to their mobile phone accounts.

Ahmed Bin Mahfoud, partner, Macro Management Consulting and external consultant for customer loyalty, AYM
Ahmed has worked for a number of brands in different verticals on various loyalty and engagement scopes including Mobily (2nd largest telco in Saudi Arabia), HSBC Middle East and Nahdi (largest pharmacy chain in the Middle East). He designed, implemented and launched the first whole-of-bank loyalty programme in KSA for Al Awwal Bank.

Nathalie Matellini, global marketing manager, The Travel Corporation
Nathalie brought loyalty in-journey for British Airways through the use of iPads and introduced to Executive Club the concept of “personal recognition”. This was the first time the 10K+ cabin crew force were trained and given the tools to use past information and status to better recognise customers, but also to collect information for future recognition.

Troy Liu, founder and CEO, Mileslife
Having accumulated millions of miles from multiple airline loyalty programmes, Troy created and launched Mileslife in March 2016 to connect airline miles with everyday spending in one mobile platform. Mileslife has partnered with 15 loyalty programmes of 42 airlines since launch and currently operates in Singapore, Hong Kong and 8 cities in China.

Matt Norbury, CEO, IAT
Entrepreneur, CEO and founder of IAT, a technology company helping companies better connect with their customers and employees, Matt has secured over £20m funding and created a technology that connects 1,700 retailers with a universal loyalty currency, epoints. He is now working to expand into the corporate sector.

Jérémie Vilain, director for business insights and CRM, REWE Group
Jérémie helped launch Auchan’s first loyalty programme, the “Waooh” Carte, which still exists today. At 27 he became head of strategy and innovation for E.Leclerc, launching the click & collect “Drive” business. In 2010, he joined dunnhumby, then in 2012 he moved to German REWE, which in 2014 he migrated to Payback’s loyalty coalition.

Shelley Bishton, brand partnerships and loyalty marketing consultant
Shelley has worked in partnership marketing for more than 10 years – six for The Telegraph Group newspapers where offers were used to reward regular readers and led her to create the Telegraph Loyalty Programme. With Cherry agency, London, she used the same formula to create a partnership proposition with O2 that resulted in high app engagement combined with unprecedented reduction in churn rates.  

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